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GNAP(GNAH's Not Another Programmer!)

Then what the hell is GNAH?GNAP‘s Not Another Hacker!

Goerge Ang

My Curriculum vitae

Name: George Ang <gnap.an[@]gmail.com>

Chinese Name: An Jiangze

Current occupation: Student

Fundamental Skills

  • Application development

    • C(extentisive)
    • C++/STL
    • General development for POSIX C environments
    • GNU Code Management Tools

  • Hacks

    • EAP/EAPOL of 802.1x and its implementation(only EAP-MD5)
    • BitTorrent Protocol and its implementation.
    • Kademlia algorithm and its impementaion.

  • Other

    • Fluent English:CET-4,CET-6: 431
    • Fluent English:Ability of reading academic papers, protocol specifications and various drafts and RFCs.


  • Desgined and administered the direcotry service at Network Information Center of Zhongyuan Inistitute of Technology.
  • Administered FTP server at Network Information Center of Zhongyuan Inistitute of Technology.
  • Wrote a open1x xsupplicat patch for Red Gaint Network. Used by over 30 students of Zhongyuan Institute of Technology to authenticate to the private Radius server and gain Internet access on Linux and FreeBSD.

  • Wrote a SQL-to-LDAP client to search from a LDAP server in SQL statements for Eyou.com(python/c dual version)
  • Started Anulus Project(status:unstable).
  • DHT implementation using Anulus' code for Project BitStormLite(working).